"Quantum satis"

You get as much as you need. You pay for what you use.

It is important for a modern company to count, therefore, it wants to invest as much as is necessary to pay only for the resources currently in use. There are cases when purchasing a server or a service in it involves choosing solutions that are not currently required, but will be necessary in the future. We offer systems and solutions that help to avoid a thorny choice: buy now as much as you do not need, or save, and expect a shorter amount of resources to last for long. Using UAB Proservis servers, you can increase or decrease resources (memory, disk capacity, processor volume) in real time, depending on the current needs. This allows you to invest only to the extent that the resources currently in use are required. And with the increase in the amount of resources, to expand the volume of services. Therefore, you can feel comfortable, secure and calm.

All in one

Integrated IT solutions for business.

Often, ordering services from different suppliers allows you to choose a more suitable service. Services like maintenance of IT care require specific knowledge and a deepening of the provider’s IT infrastructure. It is useful to use one service provider.When an IT service provider is one, it is easier to identify the root cause of the problem, the incident or the cause of the malfunction. Offering complex solutions, we are responsible for the efficient and prompt solution to your IT area.By acquiring a complex IT solution from one hand, you simultaneously acquire an operational solution to the problem. Therefore, you will feel secure in the peace of mind when receiving services from one supplier promptly.

Know how

Strong team, leading technology.

Our team works closely with the most prominent IT manufacturers and leading software developers, so we can advise you on the following systems that will make it easier for you to work (for more click on this):

Self-service 24/7

You can manage all the functions yourself.

In order to provide quality services, we have developed many handy tools that allow processes, resources and, at the same time, services to be managed in a completely automated or partially automated way. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to access the necessary information, services and parameters at any time of the day in the management of UAB “Proservis” self-service system.

On the customer self-service website you can:

  • order or terminate use of services;
  • increase or decrease server resources;
  • register fault information;
  • monitor the process of ongoing work;
  • pay for services.

Monitoring 24/7

We detect faults faster than the customer.

We constantly monitor the equipment you use to track and respond to potential systems, Internet line breaks, power outages, malware, and other potential issues. Even with the worst failure or system failure, we receive notifications in monitoring systems (Zabbix, Cacti, Smokeping), by email and / or SMS.Monitoring system activities 24/7 allows us to take immediate action at any time of the day.

Help desk 24/7

We respond and solve problems ASAP.

The technical support line operates twenty four hours, seven days a week. In the event of an IT system malfunction, the monitoring system automatically informs the responsible employee of the malfunction. Our standby team is ready to provide you with the necessary IT system management assistance at any moment.