Servers, work computers, network equipment and programs for sale.

Our team works closely with the most prominent IT hardware manufacturers and leading software developers. By offering customers computers and servers, we recommend the world’s most prominent products, such as Intel processors, motherboards, SSD drives, Kingston memories, Microprocessor hardware, and more. We are an authorized Microsoft partner, we also offer free software solutions and other software programs. 

On servers or computers, we only install legal or free software, configure it as needed, deliver it to a location and connect it. Acquiring legal software you gain the following benefits:
  • security and stability;

    Software developers provide all the necessary improvements, updates. The program code is not modified by "hackers", so the programs are safe and stable.

  • manufacturer’s support;

    The manufacturer will provide you with the necessary advice, consulting, offers the right solutions and the optimum price.

  • reliability.

    In the event of theft, you will be able to apply to the relevant authorities for misinformation.

Depending on our long experience, working together with you, we can choose the most efficient products, adapt them to the existing equipment and needs. You will save because you will offer legal systems at wholesale prices, resulting in a quality solution at an attractive price. In addition, we provide manufacturer warranty and post-warranty service for the equipment sold.