IT consulting

IT consulting

System security and optimization, servers, networks, programming.

The standard IT system infrastructure is associated with a large number of interconnected computers, servers, various networks and software, abundance of licenses, cooling equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, data copying, security and other solutions. Improving the infrastructure of the IT system aims at avoiding one of the major threats – data leakage or loss due to “weak” passwords, “hole” IT systems, backups in the same room (or non-preparation) and other disasters: fires, floods or (physical) theft.

You will probably agree that in order to reduce or prevent the risk of data loss, the maintenance and upgrade of the IT system infrastructure requires a significant investment in equipment and software. However, the mere equipment is not enough to prevent data leakage or loss, so the company needs professional IT administrators.

Administrators can be:
Įmonės IT admininstratorius
 Internal – one or more people working in your company.

In this way, the maintenance of the infrastructure of innovative IT systems lies with the employees of the company, which requires investments in raising their competence in order to ensure smooth and high quality innovation and supervision.

„Proservis“ konsultavimas ir IT administravimas
External – a team of professionals specializing in IT field – UAB Proservis.

In this way, system maintenance, continuous improvement, and the most effective use of solutions are in the hands of professionals, they specialize and work every day to provide you with quality services.

Therefore, to help minimize your costs and avoid the risk of loss, use our professional team services because:

  • we repair errors after the power failure, internet connection disappearance;
  • we repair server or other network equipment failures;
  • we rewrite and optimize the programs you use;
  • we create automated software tools that help save human resources;
  • we are a team of professionals, who are competent and responsible for the specific part of your IT infrastructure.
UAB Proservis has two communication channels, two power lines, an electric generator, redundant IT equipment. All this ensures smooth operation of the systems: once a failure occurs, the backup system immediately taken over the job. We also make copies of your data that are protected 24 hours a day in the data center. If we do not find the necessary programs on the market, we will program them ourselves.

We advise and consult on how to optimize your existing systems, if necessary, to transfer them to our data center. In the case of optimization, systems would become faster and safer, and relocation would be limited to a monthly fee for services provided on the site of the former IT industry. This saves you time and avoids unnecessary investment.

Our motto is endless improvement! We specialize exclusively in IT, so all our investments, competences, time and inspiration are allocated to the best solutions for you.