IT maintenance

IT maintenance

IT system monitoring, maintenance, optimization, security not only for companies, their affiliates, but also for private customers around the world.

It is important that they are properly maintained to ensure the safety and quality of the IT systems. The maintenance of stable IT systems prevents system malfunctions or slowdowns caused by system failure, Internet line failure, power failure, ever-increasing and increasing malware. Also, the growing security requirements for systems require new methods and rules for the supervision of new IT systems.

Advantages of complex system maintenance services:
  • Monitoring

    We monitor the workload of your and our equipment.

  • Help 24/7

    We provide the necessary 24/7 support for your IT systems.

  • System analysis

    Having noticed a system slowdown, we analyze the causes and offer optimization possibilities.

  • Trouble monitoring

    We perform fault monitoring and in the event of a malfunction we receive reports in monitoring systems (Zabbix, Cacti, Smokeping), emails and / or SMS messages.

  • Protection

    We monitor and neutralize malicious actions (such as DDoS attacks, attempts to break into systems).

By specifying the care we provide:
  • Linux / Windows server monitoring.
  • Monitoring routers, switches and other SNMP devices.
  • Monitoring of the changes in the actual values of the graphs.
  • WEB application monitoring.
  • Tracking of device schemas and map views.
  • System management in the WEB interface.
  • Fault monitoring, we send event reports by e-mail or SMS messages.
Continuous maintenance of IT systems is an important factor in ensuring the safe operation of the systems. Having noticed that there is or will be a future need for technical and software updates, we discuss it with you and help you find the most appropriate solution.