Virtual server, domain, e-mail, web site hosting.

We provide Hosting services:
  • Domain Hosting.

    UAB Proservis is an intermediary between Domain Registrar and you. We can represent your interests by creating, extending or completing other actions with your domain.

  • Web hosting.

    Hosting works when hundreds, sometimes even thousands of websites, are placed on one enough powerful server. Service recipients receive access to some of the resources of such a server: they can store their websites, can create databases or other important data.
    You do not have to worry about:
    • Cloud server performance and stability;
    • Convenient service parameter management in the DirectAdmin program;
    • SPAM protection;
    • support for all the most popular technologies, protocols and functions;
    • real-time fault elimination;
    • Possible questions because we provide qualified help with website uploading issues.

  • Email Hosting.

    This is the most popular type of hosting, when recipients receive a "mail box" and an e-mail of a certain capacity. Email address where they can receive and send email messages.

  • Virtual Server Hosting [Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)].

    The server type is used when the physical server is "split" into several virtual servers. Each virtual server assigns (reserved) to the physical server resources: memory, disk capacity, processor, etc. Each VDS can work independently from other virtual servers on the same physical server.